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Do you need to move a piano and wonder if you should hire the services of piano removalists Brisbane experts or just do it yourself?

As tempting as it may sound to call a couple of friends over to move your piano, it can have significant consequences. Here are key reasons why you should call a piano removals Brisbane specialist to move the piano for you.

The Sheer Size and Weight of the Piano

Most pianos are awkward, bulky and weigh a lot. Moving them safely requires great skill. A piano removalist Brisbane expert knows that while physical fitness and ability to maneuver tight spaces matters, it is also important to evenly distribute the weight of the piano to eliminate the chance of damage or injury.

Specialised Equipment

Unfortunately, pianos are extremely fragile and one wrong move could result in a lot of damage. That is why professional piano removals Brisbane companies have specialised equipment and vehicles to move them safely from one place to another.

Insurance Cover in Place

Piano owners hold their pianos dear and in most cases, these beautiful musical instruments have been handed down from generations past. A professional piano removal Brisbane company will ensure that they have the right insurance in place to cover any unforeseen and accidental damage.

No such thing as a small job

You may not be moving out of town but simply rearranging your home. Dragging the piano by its wheels from one room to another may damage both the wheels and the piano since the wheels were designed to hold the piano in place and not move it around. Piano removalists Brisbane experts will safely move your piano to the space you desire.


A professional will have conducted piano removals countless times. They have knowledge, understanding, and experience in moving through winding staircases and pathways, tight spaces, and narrow doors.

Hiring piano removalists Brisbane specialists gives you peace of mind knowing that your piano is in safe hands.

Finding Piano Removalists Brisbane

Now that you know that the job is best left to professionals, where do you find them?

  • Referrals. Ask family and friends with pianos to recommend a removalist.
  • An online search will give you a list of piano removalists Brisbane, and reviews from previous customers to help you make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for expert piano removalists Brisbane? Look no further than Brisbane Piano Removals. We offer affordable, reliable, and safe removal of your piano from one location to another.

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