Pool Table Removals

Do you need to move a pool table? Don’t think you need to hire professionals in pool table removals?

You may think moving a pool or billiard table is manageable especially if you get some help from friends.

But have you fully considered how to get the pool table out of the house safely?

What if you have to navigate stairs, a narrow corridor, or move around other furniture?

Have you considered the potential injury that can be caused by trying to move such a heavy object?

Relocating a pool table is not the same as moving a sofa or other heavy furniture. The lightest billiard table is twice as heavy as a sofa.

The truth is, moving a seriously heavy object like a pool table is difficult and not for the faint-hearted.

Hiring experts in billiard table removals will ensure your pool table is moved safely and ensure your investment and property is protected.

Brisbane pool table Removals
Brisbane pool table Removals

Moving The Pool Table

A pool table moving company is not the same as a regular household mover. It requires an enormous amount of experience to know the dozens of different styles of table, take apart the felt, safely take the slate off and transport it damage free, then reset the whole unit up again. If the table felt is installed incorrectly it can bunch, tear and become loose as well as make it impossible to take off without damage the next time you need to relocate it.

Our movers have extensive experience with over 10 of pool table moves under their belts. Don’t run the risk of hiring an inexperienced company and having something go wrong, it could cost much more than hiring professionals in the first place.

What’s involved in pool table moving?

  • Weight. Billiard tables are extremely heavy, it is a Herculean task to move it in one piece. Even when disassembled, there are some parts that are so heavy if you accidentally drop it on your foot, you will cause serious damage.

    Specialists in pool table removals, such as Brisbane Piano Removals, are familiar with pool table weights and know how to move them efficiently and safely.

  • Size of the table. If you think pool tables only come in one size, think again. They come in one shape, but pool tables are available in 9-foot, 8 ft, or 7 ft. Of course, the larger it gets, the heavier it becomes.
  • Location. Where is the table located now? What location is it being moved to? Is it on the second floor?

    What kind of path will you take to bring the table outside? How wide or narrow is it? Are there stairs? How far is it to the front door?

    Is there any other way of moving the table without taking it through the house?

    Hiring professionals in billiard table removals, will take care of all these factors for you. They are experts in disassembling and packing the individual parts of the table, so no matter what part of the home the table is located, they can easily remove it and deliver it to its new location.

  • Age and Quality. Pool tables also differ in age and quality. Some tables are new and in the mid-range price. Others are of high quality and have been passed down for several generations. The higher quality and sentimentality of the billiard table, the more important it is to hire experts in pool table removals.
  • Leveling. Do you know how to level a billiards table? An uneven table will make it impossible to make the perfect shot. Brisbane Piano Removals are highly experienced in billiard table removals and once they’ve transported your table, they will also level it for you. You can continue to enjoy your favorite game without a worry.
    • If you need the best when it comes to pool table removals, Contact Us today. We’re highly experienced in billiard table removals.

Brisbane Pool table Removals
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