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Do you own a piano in Brisbane? Do you need to move it? If so you’re probably wondering about the cost of moving a piano in Brisbane. Piano owners have a special connection to their pianos and would love to have them around for many more years – in pristine form.

Hiring a piano removals Brisbane specialist is important when moving a piano even it is just from one room to another. This is because pianos are extremely fragile musical instruments made up of so many (and some tiny) moving parts. Any mishandling, accidental bumping or dropping, can cause irreversible and very costly damage. Hiring a professional avoids these issues but does incur costs.

The cost of moving a piano in Brisbane is determined by several things including:

Type of Piano

The size and type of the piano can affect the cost of moving a piano in Brisbane. As a piano owner, you know how heavy pianos can be with most of them weighing upwards of 150kg. Grand pianos are known to weigh up to 700kg. The size and type of piano will help the piano removalist know how many people are needed to handle the move, and equipment to be used. The heavier the piano, the higher the cost will be.

Accessibility to the Piano

A piano that is easily accessible will attract a lower cost than one that is upstairs or has to be taken down winding stairways and narrow doorways. Additionally, you will need to consider how easy or difficult will it be to access the final destination? Are there tight pathways to navigate or steps to climb? Can the piano fit through the front door or will the removalists have to use other means to get the piano indoors? The harder it is to navigate, the costlier it will be.

Distance involved

Are you moving locally, interstate or internationally? The distance involved will play a part in the cost.

Additional services if needed

Over and above moving from one place to another, there are piano removals Brisbane companies that offer short or long-term storage options, or transport to and from storage.

A couple other things to keep in mind include:

  • Piano removals Brisbane companies may quote hourly rates, which are subject to a minimum of either 2 or 3 hours.
  • There are removalists who do not have the capacity to handle certain pianos such as grand pianos so it is important to establish their ability before any negotiations commence.
  • Cheap is not always best. Look for a professional piano removals Brisbane company with the skill to safely move your piano.

Don’t take any chances

For more information on the cost of moving a piano in Brisbane contact us at Brisbane Piano Removals. We are a local company offering safe, convenient and reliable removal of your piano at a reasonable price. Contact us today for piano removals Brisbane.

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