How to Prepare for Your Piano Movers Brisbane

Are you wondering what to do to prepare for your piano movers Brisbane?

Pianos rank highly in the list of prized and sentimental possessions and naturally, you want to be sure that the piano movers handle it carefully.

The good news is that professional piano movers have the skills and ability to move your piano safely so you don’t have to do much to prepare. There are some things though that can make the job of a piano removalist much easier.

Getting ready for the piano pemovalist

The most important part of the exercise is securing the services of a piano movers Brisbane professional. The work of a piano removalist is a specialised field, with professional piano movers having extensive expertise. It is not just about experience and skill, and ability,  piano movers Brisbane experts use the best equipment and transportation means to ensure your piano gets to its intended destination in top-notch condition.

What else should you do as you prepare for your piano movers Brisbane?

Give full details of the piano and its location

For the piano movers to safely and effectively remove the piano, they will need to know the kind of piano you own, its current location and its future location as well. Let the piano removalist know if there are winding stairs involved, narrow doors or steps that they need to take note of. Some situations may necessitate a visit from the piano removalist beforehand to enable them to prepare effectively.

Clear the way

Furniture, toys, and boxes are some of the things that can make it hard for the piano removalist to navigate through your home and remove the piano safely. Ensure the path is clear of anything that can cause accidents to both the piano and the piano movers.

Watch the pets

In your pet’s eyes a piano removalist may be an intruder. Overly vigilant pets may attack the piano movers or distract them as they do their job. Have someone watch the pets, especially dogs during the time the piano removalist is in your home.

Schedule an appointment to have the piano tuned

Any piano movers Brisbane expert will tell you that your piano will need to be tuned after a move. You may like to give the piano a couple of weeks to acclimatise to its new location before getting it tuned. If you need help with this, you can also ask your piano removalist for referrals, or check whether they can provide that service for you. Many piano movers Brisbane professionals offer tuning in their packages.

Avoid going DIY

As tempting as it may be to try to move your own piano, it’s best not to try it. Pianos are bulky, awkward, exceedingly heavy and delicate. Any slight mishap can see you spending thousands of dollars fixing it, as well as injuring yourself. You can find affordable piano movers Brisbane experts who will do the job right.

Brisbane Piano Removals are the professional piano movers you can rely on to safely and affordably move your piano. We handle all types of pianos and our piano removalist team will ably move your piano from its current location to wherever you need it to go. Call us today for all your piano movers Brisbane needs.

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