Essential Tips for Transporting a Piano

Transporting a piano from one place to another is no mean feat.

These precious but awkwardly heavy musical instruments are not fun to move around. There is a lot of planning involved and precision is required to avoid a damaged piano and personal injury.

If you have been toying around with the idea of transporting a piano by yourself, this would be a good time to consider engaging a piano delivery service company. Professional piano delivery service companies have the necessary expertise and ability to transport your sturdy-looking but delicate piano safely.

Here are some essential factors that need to be considered when transporting a piano. All of which will be handled by the piano delivery service you choose.

Having a team of skilled people

Transporting a piano is like organising an event. The more skilled hands you have on hand, the easier the task will be. The sheer weight of a piano requires several people to move it and carry it while others direct and navigate through the house or space. Piano delivery service companies provide a skilled team to move your piano. The number of people allocated will be decided based on the weight being carried, to ensure the team is sufficiently resourced.

Watch the weight

Any professional piano delivery service company will tell you that the key to a successful move is proper weight distribution. For a bulky and awkwardly shaped musical instrument, the weight must be distributed evenly when transporting a piano.

When transporting a piano a piano delivery service company uses specialised equipment including dollies to support the weight of the piano and keep it safe during transit.

Settle on the final destination beforehand

Before you start transporting a piano, you should know the exact and final destination of the piano. Nothing is more frustrating and tiring than moving an extremely heavy musical instrument back and forth as you figure out where to place it. Piano delivery service experts first measure the space to make sure that there is enough room for the piano.

Protect the piano

Lock the keyboard lid and keep the keys safe. If the lid does not lock then wrap it tightly with an extra blanket or stretch tape to keep it from opening accidentally during the move. When transporting a piano it is important to wrap it and place it at the back of the truck where it will experience the least movement possible.

Piano delivery service companies have specialised trucks for moving pianos. The interiors of these trucks are padded for extra protection and have straps to secure pianos in place. Additionally, piano delivery service drivers choose the safest routes to minimise movement or damage to the piano.

Transporting a piano by yourself is too risky and challenging. Save yourself the trouble by hiring a professional piano delivery service such as Brisbane Piano Removals. We offer safe and affordable piano delivery services throughout Brisbane.

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