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When you’re tired of seeing your old spa taking up too much space in your backyard, or you’re moving and would like to relocate the spa to your new place, it is time to call experts in spa removal.

Brisbane Piano Removals, as specialists in moving heavy objects, are highly experienced in spa removal.

You might be thinking can’t I move my spa myself? Or won’t a regular moving company do?

There are several important reasons you will want to hire a professional for your spa removal.


We’ve been moving Spa’s for years and we can safely and efficiently move even the largest hot tubs in hard to reach places.

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Why hire our spa removal experts?

Even when a spa is empty, they are still very heavy.

They can weigh anywhere from 195 kg to 395 kg. They are also big and bulky. Their size and weight make DIY spa removal difficult and dangerous.

You will need special tools and equipment to lift and carry your spa. Many regular removal companies don’t have the experience moving objects of this weight and awkward dimensions.

As a business experienced in spa removal, we have special trolleys and other equipment to lift and remove these heavy tubs.

Hot Tubs are wonderful to have around, great for Relaxation and healing, but they don’t always last.

Four Things You Need to Know About Spa Removal

  1. Your spa is connected to an electrical outlet and plumbing. A spa needs to be properly and safely disconnected before being moved.
    Also be aware that draining the water takes some time, so if you hired a spa removal service, you should drain the tub a day or so before the scheduled move.
  2. The underside of the tub is filled with wires and pipes. These parts must be securely protected prior to spa removal. Damaging any of the pipes during transportation will require a lot of money for the repairs, which is another reason you should hire an expert in spa removal.
  3. Spa tubs come in different sizes. Some tubs are good for 2-3 people, others can comfortably fit 6 people. The larger the tub, the heavier it is. The heavier it is, the more complicated it is to be transported. A good spa removal company understands how to handle even the heaviest of spa tubs.
  4. A spa is usually transported on its side. This makes it easier to maneuver through narrow spaces like small gates as well as for easier and efficient transport. Being on it side also means you will need two trolleys sitting side by side to avoid the risk of the tub falling over.

    Don’t take the risk of damaging your spa by moving it on your own, or asking your friends who have no experience moving heavy objects. Spa tub repairs are very costly, much more than what you think you will save by not hiring a spa removal service.

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If you need an expert in spa removal Contact Us today. We specialise in moving all forms of heavy objects

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